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Serving the Inland Empire area, Dan is committed to acting as an advocate for you and your loved ones. His areas of specialty include estate planning and bankruptcy. Focused on the needs and objectives of each individual client, Dan understands that each person's circumstances are unique. He partners with them to navigate the  complexities of estate planning and bankruptcy. He is committed to providing individualized attention and expertise, while offering personalized service to meet his client's legal needs.   For more information or to schedule a consultation, you can contact Dan online or by calling (909) 393-0885.

Proper estate planning ensures that assets including home, investments, business, savings, life insurance, etc. will be distributed according to an individual’s wishes after his or her passing. An estate plan will also include strategies to minimize potential taxes and settlement costs. It can also include instructions regarding your healthcare wishes. Should you ever be unable to give the directives yourself, an estate plan allows you to establish a representative you trust to make them for you. (more)


Bankruptcy is a process that allows individuals and businesses with more debt than they can handle to establish a payment plan or eliminate the debt entirely. If you are struggling and have tried everything you can to resolve your debt, it may be time to consider bankruptcy. The two main types of bankruptcy for individuals is are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. If file for bankruptcy, you will need to determine which type to file. Learn more about Chapter 7 bankruptcy here and more about Chapter 13 here.